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12 Apr: Garden Mapping with GIS: “Time for Spring Mapping?

Well friends, Spring has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, and for many of us that means spending more time outside…

13 Feb: Can Using GPS Get You Into Trouble?

In our modern, tech heavy world we often rely on our semi-magical tech devices as if they are fool proof. …

04 Feb: Catholic schools use gis to expand opportunities to under served communities.

Private School Market Analysis:  Archdiocese of Seattle Catholic Schools: While it might seem unlikely that schools would seek out the…

01 Feb: The Case for a generalist gis consultant

A few months ago I read an excellent article by Angie Wang of Omnitek Consulting. In Generalist vs. Specialist,  Ms….

04 Jan: Happy New Year From Synthos, LLC!!!

As the 2020’s dawn, we at Synthos look forward to more exciting developments in the use of GIS and related…

25 Nov: Tribute to Steve Pool, and Mentoring.

Today I am re-posting a blog honoring much beloved Seattle TV personality and respected weather forecaster Steve Pool. The blog…

20 Nov: Special Purpose Districts: Volume 1.

Special Purpose Districts (or SPDs) are unique geographic areas used, among other uses, to provide a means for taxes to…