Synthos Partner Profile: Caird-Sextant

From the Poles to the Tropics – and Everywhere in Between

At Synthos, our business relies to a significant degree on partnerships with other companies which have similar or complimentary expertise and/or interests to our own. Our President, Tom Simon, set this as a priority since the first day he formed Synthos.  As a smaller company, we know we cannot “do it all” and we prefer to partner with other firms, small and large, to bring a variety of skills and expertise to the market, to the benefit of our customers.

Through referrals, short term contracts, Corp. to Corp. partnerships, and Strategic partners, we develop and maintain relationships with a wide variety of consultants, companies, and networks.  These relationships allow us to provide our customers with truly high level Subject Matter Experts who enhance our offerings, and make the most of our GIS expertise.

One such partner is Caird-Sextant.  This company is headed by Dr. Rafael Olivieri, Ph.D, an esteemed Marine Scientist and experienced consultant.  Tom worked for several years with Dr. Olivieri at a major national consulting firm, and they struck up a friendship based on shared values, a love of science and philanthropy, and a belief that a partnership of smaller firms can assist clients in ways more creative and flexible than traditional large consulting firms.  We have developed a level of trust and open communication that we believe benefits our clients.

Name of Firm: “The incredible feat accomplished by Sir Ernest Shackleton in 1916 inspired the name of the firm.  Shackleton, after losing his ship during an Antarctic expedition and spending a winter on the ice, he took a 20 ft whale boat, the JAMES CAIRD, a sextant, and his best 5 sailors and successfully navigate more than 720 nautical miles from Elephant Island to South Georgia Island, through the most difficult ocean in the world in search of help for the rest of his crew.  Shackleton demonstrated that talented and determined people using simple tools customized to the needs at hand could overcome insurmountable challenges.  CAIRD Sextant adopted this philosophy to support its clients.”

Experience: Founded in 2013, CAIRD Sextant has provided expert consulting services to the US Navy and its prime contractors primarily on the planning of “Shock Trials,” and the effects on marine life and coastal and ocean environments. A Shock Trial involves the detonation of thousands of pounds explosives in the vicinity of a ship to validate survivability models.  These tests are complex events that must be conducted in accordance with strict Federal legislation for the protection of marine mammals and endangered species like sea turtles.  Since 2017 CAIRD Sextant has been supporting the Navy with the current plans for the shock trials of the new aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford (CVN 78). CAIRD has become the consultant of choice for these large scale test events.

CAIRD Sextant LLC is a minority owned Small Disadvantaged Business established in October 2013 by Dr. Rafael A Olivieri. It provides the best Environmental Security and Management support to government and commercial clients. 

CAIRD Sextant understands and values the concepts of collaboration, and therefore has developed strategic relationships with multiple small (e.g., Synthos LLC for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) support) and large firms (HDR for the monitoring of marine mammals) and independent consultant These relationships complement the inhouse CAIRD Sextants expertise and allow the rapid deployment of resources to support customized need of clients.