Tribute to Steve Pool, and Mentoring.


Today I am re-posting a blog honoring much beloved Seattle TV personality and respected weather forecaster Steve Pool. The blog is written by Professor Cliff Mass. Dr. Mass was Steve’s weather mentor and teacher, and is a well know Atmospheric Science professor and researcher at the University of Washington.
As a Geographer, weather is a big interest of mine, and Steve Pool is one of my favorite local meteorologists. His story reminds me of how important mentoring and one-on-one training can be for up and coming scientists.

Check out the Blog here:

This coming New Year, 2020, I will be looking for a person to mentor, teach, and hopefully develop and as partner in my GIS work for the coming years. So if you are interested in GIS and geospatial sciences, and would be interested in learning from an experienced professional, please contact me. This may lead to contract work or employment on future contracts. I am in the Seattle area, and would prefer someone local.

Thanks to Dr. Cliff Mass for his great tribute to Steve Pool, and his informative and helpful blog forecasts, especially during snow season!

Thanks to Steve for all his years of fun and useful forecasts, entertaining and informative style, and tireless work for worthy causes these past 40 years. I wish you all the best in retirement!
Best regards,
-Tom Simon (206) 406-5246.

If interested in some mentoring, please contact me directly at: