Maps for Academic books


Are you an Academic author, Researcher, Novel writer, or writing a book for another purpose? In many cases including maps helps you tell your story and present complicated concepts or real world situations in an intuitive and easy to understand way. However, not everyone can create maps easily. Consider using a professional geographer to help. Map makers are experts at a branch of Geography called Cartography. Using both traditional and modern computer based methods, trained Cartographers can help you create readable, informative maps for any book project, often at far less cost than you might think.


Synthos has worked with several academic researchers, helping them to create custom maps, modify existing ones, and present their work in creative and interesting ways.  We bring years of cartographic experience, and the lowest prices in the industry to authors on a budget.  OK, the Truth!  Tom just loves making maps and helping folks add value, beauty, and creativity to their work!

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