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We provide a wide array of Geospatial services to help clients meet their goals and solve problems.
Our focus is on using GIS as a primary tool, along with GPS and other resources, to create and implement creative solutions for our clients.

Our services include:
-GPS/GNSS Mission Planning, Data Collection, Data Processing, Analysis, and Training.
We do Mapping Grade (using Trimble TerraSync), and Survey grade (Rtk) GPS surveys, including all data processing, data QA, and conversion to CAD and GIS formats.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS):
The power of GIS lies in its ability to take a wide variety of complex information, display it in a georeferenced space, conduct Analysis and layer comparison; and then produce meaningful custom map products to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences.

Synthos provides the full life cycle of GIS project implementation.  From needs analysis and software selection, to data collection, analysis, quality assurance, map and report production, we do it all.

Some examples of our services and experience are:

Variety of Software:  We are experts in ESRI’s ArcGIS suite of products, and also advise clients on the use of a number of other GIS platforms including:  QGIS, Idirisi, the Manifold System, Mango Maps, Scribble maps, Google Earth, and other products.  We help you find the platform that you need, be it a full featured ESRI suite, or a simple to use an open source mapping product.

We do GIS setup and analysis, but are also able to help clients set up and use their own tools; to meet their particular needs.  We can do it for you, or help you learn and run your own system and tools.

A selection of our clients:
NOAA National Weather Service (Facilities Management and Flood Risk Analysis).
Northwest Edison (Commercial Electrical Engineering)
-University Professors and Academics (Maps for books and articles)
CemSites: (Cemetery Mapping)
-Archdiocese of Seattle (Marketing research and mapping projects).

We believe in partnerships:  We work with several partners to deliver custom solutions.
Coastal Risk Consulting: A technology firm offering innovative and valuable flood prediction tools.
-Sclater Consulting: Expert content development and historical records management.
CemSites: Cloud based Cemetery Mapping. Synthos provides GIS support.
-Dr. David Broderick: Computer wizard, web designer, and university professor in Computer Science.
-Frontier Precision:  Trimble sales and service representative in Seattle, WA.

With so many mapping and GIS tools available today, it can be confusing to choose what is best, and most cost effective, for your needs.  We offer the experience, customized service, and creativity to help you choose the right solution for your needs, now and in the future.

Call for a free consultation:
Tom Simon, President

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